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G Herbo – 4 Minutes of Hell, Pt. 6 Lyrics



4 Minutes of Hell, Pt. 6 G Herbo

4 Minutes of Hell, Pt. 6 G Herbo

4 Minutes of Hell, Pt. 6 Lyrics By G Herbo

Yeah (Uh), yeah, yeah (Haze, call me back)
(Oz, you’re big time)
I beat the odds
Niggas act like I wasn’t thuggin’ for real like (Come on, man)
I ain’t been through and seen everything (G Herbo) there is to see in this shit (No Limit Herbo, Lil Herbie, EBK)
I’m a product of it (Lil Herb)
I really just want you niggas to overcome this shit like I did (It’s Lil Heron)
But look
Uh, yeah, yeah
They say thou shall not kill, but that’s bullshit
Kobe never killed shit, they hit him with a full clip
I was in this shit for real, you don’t know how it feel
Foenem doin’ sentences still, you ever been on a drill?
First, I blew through one mil’, then I blew through two mil’ (Two mil’)
Then I ran up four mil’, I’m still stackin’ new mils (Phew)
I’ma do what I do still, fuck I care how you feel
Fell out with my closest cuz, I ain’t talked to him in two years
This shit do get hectic, believe me, really be stressin’, make it look easy
What is too many niggas on ten toes? I’ma always have respect for J Deezy
G Herbo, I’ve been that nigga, they know, can’t never say I ain’t stick to the code
Late nights, opps used to come through, blow, next day, we on a search for they soul
I lost friends, that’s how it go, I lost M’s, that’s how it go
Pray to God we reach our goals, wake up, sin, that’s how it go
The fire on my lap, they want me to die, but once you win, that’s how it go
I’m signed with rap ’til the day I die, but that’s my twin, that’s how it go
I remember one day we was high off pills, I was ridin’ through the opps, it was me and Greg
They was poppin’ out cuts, had to stop the car, reverse up the block, he wasn’t even scared
Since a kid, I’ve been seein’ red, since a kid, I’ve been seein’ dead
Remember the last conversation we had? Ayy, lil’ nigga, don’t forget what I said
I land in the ‘Raq and get right back to it
Lay a nigga flat, I let that strap do it
I used to let Cap do it (No cap)
Made a route, we had influence
Killers with straps, they ridin’ congruent
Eighth of Act’, we was pourin’ up deuces
Used to get Mally and Maxx into it
Old days, they gon’ make Lil Herb go back to his old ways
From the mud, I emerged, but I miss them old days
And they be funny with words, but we was on that all day
Middle of war, I slept in hallways for real
Now I got money for real, but I miss all them days still
And I ain’t even in the field, but I can still call plays for real
My first 100K, I seen the range of gettin’ a million
My first time flamin’, I stopped, ain’t wanna hit a civilian
I’ma always rep for Roc, died for his block
Back when we was slidin’ on opps, you couldn’t even get in the car
Wish I could get my gun card, I can’t ’cause I was armed
Tryna be low-key without my charms, I can’t ’cause I’m a star (Phew)
Can’t believe I did this, I’m really livin’ large (Swerv’)
Keep niggas out my business, yeah, ’cause I’m in charge
Street life left me scarred (Scarred), this shit broke my heart (Heart)
I ain’t get nothin’ back in return, feel like I gave my all
Spent the bag on my ice, spent it on my cars
Spent the bag on my bitch, spent it on my dogs
Gotta spend that bag to get rich, spent it, now I’m rich (Rich)
Been spent the bag all on sticks, and we was lettin’ ’em off
None of my problems is small, but this K keep fallin’ (Fallin’)
Too much pressure on my own, I don’t even pick up calls (Hello)
I can’t break, I got too much at stake, so I’ma solve ’em
It’s in my nature to eat up all that steak ’cause I’m a dog
I’m a boss, I can look up just how much I make, sign in and log in
Chillin’ with my kids, I’m makin’ 400K sittin’ in the house
And my bitch like, “You don’t ever be in the house, you should be in the house”
Them all facts, I ain’t talkin’ to stunt, all my bills a hundred a month
I’m on the road, runnin’ it up, pull up, froze, trunk in the front
Liquor straight, I’m drunk as fuck, foenem smokin’ a hundred a blunt
That’s how I’m livin’, this my life now, I don’t give a fuck what you don’t like now
Still ridin’ with thirties, you play with Lil Herbie and still’ll get wiped down, like right now
I’m locked in with niggas out of town (Uh), them my mans and ’em, pipe down (Pipe down)
‘Cause they fuck with me, ain’t grow up with me, but they sprayin’ for me right now (Right now)
Got exhausted, my sauce, I lost it, but I found it
Say he changin’, can’t blame him, he overcame it, that’s astoundin’
All the pain and the fears and the tears and the frownin’
He was broke, in the rain, bought chains, now he drownin’
All the love and the hate on his name, how it soundin’?
He got love for the game, can’t play, but he around it (What up?)

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